Senior – Gage Bohannon

We celebrate Gage Bohannon 2020-21 #UnionFB Wide Receiver. #SeniorWeek

Gage’s favorite quote is “Dreams don’t work unless you do” He says, “I like this quote because if you don’t put in the work then your dreams won’t come true or become a reality. ”

His plans after graduation are to play football while earning a degree.

He said “Last year, Coach Witcher called me “Bo” (because it’s short for my last name) and it’s just stuck ever since.”

Gage wants to recognize Coach Witcher. He says, “I want to acknowledge Coach Witcher because even though he’s really hard on me about doing what I’m suppose to do and I hate when he yells at me when I do something wrong but in the end he’s made me a better football player and not only that a better person.”

When asked about his favorite memory or shared experience, he said “There has been a lot of memories and laughs. The long bus rides on away games and just bonding on team meals etc. My favorite memory would have to be when we went to the Tulsa camp because that was the first time I’ve been on a college campus and it was just a fun experience just playing on that field beside my teammates just playing the game we love.”

Gage’s advice for his younger #UnionFB teammates is “cherish these moments you have together because its gonna go by really fast. I remember just like it was yesterday moving up as a freshman and now I’m senior. Always go one hundred percent because you never know it might be your last like what coach says. ”

Congratulations #UnionFB Senior, Gage Bohannon. #AllMyLife