Senior – Cooper Houchin

We celebrate Cooper Houchin 2020-21 #UnionFB Kicker. #SeniorWeek

Cooper’s favorite quote is “Never give up, never surrender.” He says “It’s from a movie that I find funny.”

His plans after graduation are to hopefully attend college.

Cooper wants to recognize Coach Davis. He says, “Coach Davis helps me keep a level head and snap myself out of it if I’m not kicking well.”

When asked about his favorite memory or shared experience, he said “When all the seniors sat down and talked with Coach Fred. We all talked about what it meant to be a team and be a part of Union football. I really enjoyed listening to everything that everyone said, it got me even more excited to play.”

Cooper’s advice for his younger #UnionFB teammates is “Don’t wait to start trying something you like, if you think you want to go try something new, do it.”

Congratulations #UnionFB Senior, Cooper Houchin. #AllMyLife